Why Shred Shades?

This company was built by a skater/snowboarder/adventurer with a love for action sports and the outdoors. I had started with a few clothing companies before I settled upon sunglasses and a few times almost called it quits with our sunglasses also. The one thing I knew is I wanted to be in the action sports industry for the rest of my life. I stuck with it. A small town kid with no knowledge of business whatsoever has been very very slowly building Shred Shades for years into what its becoming today. I chose sunglasses at first to just make money reselling inexpensive sunglasses but realized how important eye protection from the elements really are as I never wore goggles or sunglasses snowboarding because i didnt like the feel and I would get sunburnt eyes all the time from the reflection of the snow on the ground and even more burnt on the cloudy days. Sunglasses are vital to eye health and that is why we stuck with it for so long and will remain doing this til we cannot anymore!

About the Owner

My name is Jason Salkeld and I have been skateboarding for 28 years and snowboarding for 17 years. I have been enjoying the outdoors my entire life. I am 36 years old as of 2022, I have a beautiful family of 7 and no plans of quitting skating or snowboarding anytime soon. I love music especially Metal/Hardcore and spend most of my time working on this business to keep making it better and better as each day passes. To Those who support this brand I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It would not be what it has become today without the support of everyone who believes in our brand.

Our Mission

Our mission with Shred Shades is to build a positive community around all aspects of shredding that lifts eachother up and I invite you to become apart of the shred shades family. You can do that by either showing up to one of our events and hanging out, signing up to be an ambassador or grabbing one of our products to rep. We are all shredders who have one thing in common, to have the most fun possible while doing what we love.

Our Goal

Our goal for Shred Shades is to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2033. The way we will do that is for every product we get made we will be donating to one tree planted. Which means every pair of shades, every beanie or hat, every hoodie or shirt and every sticker we get made we will be planting a tree to help better our planet.