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No matter what you shred nature is everywhere. As humans we need trees to breathe, to cycle out CO2 so our air stays fresh and with the rapid rise of people on the planet the need for trees is rising as well. We want to do our part in helping preserve nature and keep trees growing. We realize that the things we love to shred has an adverse impact on the planet whether its in motorsports, action sports or just sitting on the beach soaking up the sun. So doing our part in helping mother nature stay healthy is always on our mind. Even getting our products in stock takes a toll on the enviornment. Planting trees isnt only for tree huggers, its for people like you and me who live out our normal lives. Life gets busy and hectic and theres not alot of time to go out and do this ourselves, So we figured we could make this easier on you and help lessen our impact and yours on the planet by planting trees with every pair we sell.