Lost, Broken or

Have your shades been lost, broken or stolen? We will replace them for you for free and make it as easy as possible for you to do so! There are a couple things we need you to do to ensure we can get you these shades back as quick as possible. Please fill out all the boxes below so we can start looking into your claim to get those shades out to you quickly as long as you qualify. There are 2 rules to qualify to get your free replacement shades.

1. You are required to have purchased shades within 1 year of original purchase date.

2. You may only get 1 free pair replaced per purchase per year.

Value is required
Value is required
Value is required
Value is required
Value is required
Thank you!

If youre shades are not in stock?

If your replacement shades are not in stock we will send you a pair once those come back into stock or send you a credit for the same amount of those shades to our online store.

Within 365 days to make a claim.

We give you 1 full year to make your claim. You cannot make a claim more than once a year per pair of shades you purchase.

We want you to be completly happy with your purchase.

We strive to make sure you feel very taken care of and that you get the best trestment within our business from our staff!