At shred shades we want to make an impact not only with our communities but also the world. So we have teamed up with One Tree Planted to help replenish the worlds rapidly disappearing forests. For every product sold one tree will be planted. We believe mother nature gives us so much and if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have the resources to do the things and sports we love to do. The least we can do is to help keep this beautiful planet of ours green and full of oxygen. So help us plant a forest and grab a pair today.

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Reasons for reforestation

  • Air: Trees take in harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to breathe. 
  • Water: trees filter water, prevent floods and maintain earths water cycles.
  • Biodiversity: Forests provide habitat to many animals, birds, insects, fungi, moss and plants.
  • Social Impact: Trees provide jobs and food security to many communities.
  • Health: Trees and nature reduce stress, aid in recovery and promote overall wellness.
  • Climate: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants helping to clean air and regulate climate.

do you Want to volunteer to plant trees or donate to one tree planted Please visit to learn more.